Welcome to Lisa's enchanting world of music and memories! 

Dive into a collection that captures the essence of Lisa's musical journey, starting from the age of 7 when she first fell in love with the piano. These photos are more than just images; they're snapshots of the moments and melodies that have shaped her life. Join Lisa on this harmonious voyage through time as we explore the keynotes of her passion, dedication, and the timeless beauty of Living in Music.

*Every photo featured in this gallery has been shared with the full and enthusiastic consent of the individuals portrayed. Lisa values and respect the privacy and wishes of all those who have contributed to this collection, and she is committed to ensuring a respectful and enjoyable experience for her viewers. 
**If you would like to be featured, please contact Lisa through Let's Connect. She has an archive collection of photographs and videos.

Remote Xianggelila - Grade 8 Trinity Piano